Performance Plus PC Group Receives Much Needed Assistance From Mold Cleanup Atlanta.


I am happy to report that the main offices of Performance Plus PC Group are once again open for business, thanks to the efforts and hard work of Mold Cleanup Atlanta.

Early last month we began renovations and a complete remodel of our Performance Plus PC Group main offices – geared towards removing the old and replacing everything with newer materials, a new and sleek look, and top-of-the-line equipment.


During those renovations it was discovered that the foundation that our offices were sitting on was being completely overtaken by mold that was spreading into the main walls and ceilings.

It’s amazing how no one had noticed this level of mold until now, or how no one has suffered as a result of prolonged exposure, but we will certainly take our blessings where we can get them.

Mold Cleanup Atlanta were called in for the mold removal process before the renovations and remodeling could continue, and their expertise and professionalism went well above the call of duty.

The mold was completely removed and the site was cleaned up quickly and efficiently, enabling the construction workers to commence their work.

Today, our offices are 100% free of mold, sitting on brand new foundations, sporting a sleek new look with modern furnishings and decor, and best of all, our technology has been upgraded, providing us with the ability to go above and beyond on all jobs and projects brought into our office.

Don’t hesitate to stop in today, check out the new offices, check out the new tech toys, and while you’re at it, give a round of applause to Mold Cleanup Atlanta for their hard work and assistance in making Performance Plus PC Group not only free of mold, but safe to work within daily.

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